Choose the Potty Camp That's Right For You and Your Little One

At Potty Camp, we offer 3-5 day camps and can customize further based on the needs of each child

3 Day Potty Camp


Used when children have begun to show some capabilities in using the potty on their own. Not typically recommended for beginners

4 Day Potty Camp


For older children where they have begun to show the understanding and desire to use the potty, but need more guidance and assistance in getting over the finish line

5 Day Potty Camp


For children just beginning their potty training journey or those with special needs

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Testimonials for Potty Camp

Read what parents had to say about their experience with Potty Camp!

We LOVE Potty Camp! My daughter did very well with her 2 day potty training boot camp! I couldn't believe how well she took to it. She was full of laughter, excitement and so proud of herself throughout the process! I actually got emotional the first time she came rushing down the stairs to share with me she had "pee peed on the potty"😂. I highly recommend Potty Camp's services to anyone with a toddler that is showing interest! I'm a mom of 3 girls, ages 4 and under and was dreading getting this process even started while juggling all the constant needs of everyone else in the house. Potty Camp was the perfect solution. I don't think I could have given the dedicated one-on-one time to her the way they did, which made a world of difference!

Katie L.

Love, laughter and potty beans....cheers! Potty Camp is a magical unicorn potty fairy or something because they conquer this challenge so well. With grace, encouragement, and understanding, my grand-daughter (who lives with me) was potty trained in 2 days and so proud of herself. Minimal accidents after the initial days and we can even venture out with success. You will not be disappointed. What have you got to lose .....except the cost of diapers 👍😂

Joy H.

Potty Camp is seriously the best! Not only are they phenomenal with the littles, they are THE potty whisperer. Our potty camp counselor had my son, Harrison, potty trained in 2 days - all while making it fun for him. Their process is truly one of a kind. I absolutely loved hearing the laughter, claps and cheers coming from upstairs. I couldn't recommend them enough! You won't regret attending potty camp!

Jessica M.