Terms and Conditions

Client hereby retains Potty Camp LLC to perform In-Home Potty Training Services


SICKNESS OF CHILD DURING SERVICES - We understand that your child may come down with an unavoidable sickness during the Services, Potty Camp LLC reserves the right to cease all Services and provide remote support or reschedule for Potty Camp's next available date at no additional cost to Client.

PAYMENTS. A deposit for the selected Boot Camp is due and payable upon execution of this Agreement. The remaining balance is due 2 days before the appointment date.

Please note, Potty Camp LLC has a strict no-refund policy. We do not issue refunds after receipt of the final payment. This policy helps us to provide distraction-free services from the time your payment is processed. Your Child is our first priority.


A Peaceful and Productive Environment for Your Child- Client agrees to work with Potty Camp in good faith and be open to the ideas, suggestions, strategies, and plan developed by Potty Camp from the moment Client and Potty Camp enter into this Agreement. Client agrees to provide a peaceful and productive environment, and an environment conducive to the training, during all home sessions.

Examples of a peaceful and productive environment include but are not limited to:

  1. Running water. Running water is required in the house on the day of the training. If Potty Camp arrives and there is no running water, you will be charged for the full day without refund.

  2. Courtesy and respect. Client agrees that Potty Camp will be treated with courtesy and respect while in the Client's home and during consultation.

  3. Distraction-free. We ask that the environment be distraction-free. This includes trying to avoid time with the Child and allowing the Child to avoid time with his or her parents and siblings, etc. during the services. As you can imagine, time with family members is time away from training the Child.

  4. Potty Camp is not equipped to handle behavior issues. Please address all behavior issues prior to booking your Potty Training Boot Camp. Any violence or attempted violence towards Potty Camp will cause the Boot Camp to end prematurely with no refund issued. This includes but is not limited to hitting, kicking, throwing objects at, biting, and scratching Potty Camp.

Please note, as provided for herein, Potty Camp reserves the right to cancel any and all services, without refund to Client or penalty to Potty Camp, even before they are scheduled to begin, if Potty Camp determines in its sole discretion that Client has failed to adhere to this section, or any section of this Agreement.

IT'S ON THE CALENDAR - RESCHEDULING AND RELATED SCHEDULING ITEMS. So as to meet the needs of all of our Clients, Client understands and agrees that scheduled dates and times for services cannot be changed by Client once scheduled, absent extraordinary circumstances.

  1. Extraordinary Circumstances - We understand that children get sick. In the event that your Child is sick on a scheduled date, the service shall be rescheduled on Potty Camp's next available date. Other extraordinary circumstances are determined on a case by case basis at the discretion of Potty Camp.

  2. To reschedule for reasons other than Extraordinary Circumstances, Client must pay the rescheduling fee of $150 per day and must secure new dates. Rescheduled times/dates are not confirmed until full payment is received. Dates to be confirmed by Potty Camp before securing such date.

Potty Camp reserves the right to change a scheduled date and time without penalty if the need should arise.

POTTY TIME, TUSHIES AND PRIVATES. Client understands that given the "diaper off" nature of the potty training services provided by Potty Camp there may be incidental contact with a Child during the course of its Services. Client understands and agrees to hold Potty Camp harmless for any claims, suits, and/or allegations related in any way to physical contact with a Child during the course of providing its potty training-related services.

WE WISH WE COULD, BUT NO REPRESENTATIONS OR GUARANTEES. Potty Camp will use its commercially reasonable efforts to help you achieve your goals. Every Child is different, however, and Potty Camp makes no guarantees, promises, covenants, warranty, either expressed or implied, regarding any particular level of success as a result of the specific services selected. Clients are expected to follow the suggestions provided by Potty Camp before, during and after the session to see continued results. All children have some normal regression after potty training success. Also, it is normal for children to continue to have accidents for up to one year after being potty trained.

MUTUAL RESPECT. NON-DISPARAGEMENT. Client and Potty Camp each further agree not to, directly or indirectly, say or do, or cause any third-party to say or do, anything that could be construed as disparaging or derogatory about the other party, its business, products or services, or to otherwise disparage, demean or impugn the reputation of, the other party, its business, products or services, in any manner. This non-disparagement shall include any comments or remarks whatsoever, whether oral or written, in any medium whatsoever, including, but not limited to, any social media platforms.

PAYMENT AND SERVICES. All Potty Training Boot Camps must be paid in full prior to the Boot Camp appointment date. Payments are made via the emailed invoice unless advised otherwise from Potty Camp. Failure to pay a partial or full balance will cancel your Potty Training Boot Camp with no deposit refund issued.

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Read what parents had to say about their experience with Potty Camp!

We LOVE Potty Camp! My daughter did very well with her 2 day potty training boot camp! I couldn't believe how well she took to it. She was full of laughter, excitement and so proud of herself throughout the process! I actually got emotional the first time she came rushing down the stairs to share with me she had "pee peed on the potty"😂. I highly recommend Potty Camp's services to anyone with a toddler that is showing interest! I'm a mom of 3 girls, ages 4 and under and was dreading getting this process even started while juggling all the constant needs of everyone else in the house. Potty Camp was the perfect solution. I don't think I could have given the dedicated one-on-one time to her the way they did, which made a world of difference!

Katie L.

Love, laughter and potty beans....cheers! Potty Camp is a magical unicorn potty fairy or something because they conquer this challenge so well. With grace, encouragement, and understanding, my grand-daughter (who lives with me) was potty trained in 2 days and so proud of herself. Minimal accidents after the initial days and we can even venture out with success. You will not be disappointed. What have you got to lose .....except the cost of diapers 👍😂

Joy H.

Potty Camp is seriously the best! Not only are they phenomenal with the littles, they are THE potty whisperer. Our potty camp counselor had my son, Harrison, potty trained in 2 days - all while making it fun for him. Their process is truly one of a kind. I absolutely loved hearing the laughter, claps and cheers coming from upstairs. I couldn't recommend them enough! You won't regret attending potty camp!

Jessica M.